Run for Earth

Period to run

March 15, 2021

April 22, 2021


March 15, 2021

Facebook event

♻️ Futniszep.hu, Garmin and Austrotherm present: Run for Earth 🗓 Registration: March 15 – April 22 🆓 Free virtual challenge with diploma and start number 🏅You can perform anytime, anywhere, in any term 🌺 One of our favorite finisher medals 📢 Limited edition: 450 pieces 🐼 You can support WWF 🚴‍♀️ Perform by running / hiking / walking / biking / rolling / swimming
Our next achievable virtual event was born in the name of environmental protection, inspired by three dates:
💧March 22: World Water Day ⏱March 27: Earth Hour 🌎April 22: World Earth Day
In the 10 cm wide medal we have hidden many symbolic messages: the vast primeval forest, in contrast to the image of the inner arctic, symbolizes the whole of our Earth.
We have highlighted the parts where our time’s problems cause the most extreme changes.
The watch got the main role because it also draws attention to the event of the said Earth Hour, which lasts from 8pm to 9pm, so the clockwises were placed accordingly.🔋🔌⚡️💡Our choice was clearly Garmin, especially the iconic Fenix ​​type, because it is on our hands. ⌚️ The pedometer shows 9763 because when the medal plans were finalized, you had completed exactly this number of Europe Run races altogether.
🎨 The medals has six different colors, 3D surface treatment will also be applied, the frame of the watch will be polished in a circular direction, which we’ll pour out with transparent epoxy resin (it’ll seems like a glass clock face).
We produce a limited number of 450, so be prepared if you want to acquire it, sign up fast. 🌺🌴❄️🗺
This is an important event in the life of Europe Run in several respects: 1: Instead of the “VII. Austrotherm Tihany Half Marathon”, we would like to give you this race as a motivation. 2: Environmental awareness is our important mission. 3: You can use the first time Europe Run 2.0 with expanded features, because by then you will be able to register on the new site.

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