I can’t log in.

First of all, it is important that you cannot log in here with a futniszep.hu account, this is a completely new database, you need to create a new account!

Attention! With the launch of Europe Run 2.0, your account may have been lost. There is no problem, in this case we kindly ask you to re-create a page and bring up participants. You will then be able to re-apply for a race.

The website is currently under development, so unfortunately there are some bugs we are currently aware of, one such problem is that handling the Safari browser cookie, which is often used on iPhones and Macs, does not allow the embedded page to transfer data. There are currently three solutions to this:

1. Use Google Chrome.

We know, not the most elegant tip, but at least it works for sure.

2. Use a direct link.

For the registration, we have embedded an external page, which can be accessed from the Europe Run page.

3. Disable the relevant Safari setting

In Safari settings, uncheck (uncheck) the “Prevent web tracking” option. On your phone, this is the “Trace Prevention” option.

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