What do the runs mean?

Europe Run raises the attention on the importance of moving at events organized all over the year on different occasions through the runners and the Goal System created by them.

What kind of runs are there?

We seek to choose several such topics, that affect the population all over Europe. Such as the Day of the Union, the Day of the Earth, the Day of Finishing World War II and so on. We announce these runs far in advance.

From when it is possible to apply and when are the runs going to take place? How much do they cost?

All information are available at the particular run, our runs may be performed free of charge and include both the Start No. and the Certificate for every participant.

What is the difference between run and goal?

We would like to remember on something through the run, whilst You may raise attention on goals as individuals, everyone can run for his/her own goal or join others' goals.

Europe Run Covid-19 #alwaysremember is a free of charge virtual running aimed at the Continent, which contacts, gifts and makes You run.

Running period:

May 9, 2020

December 31, 2020

Registration starts:

May 9, 2020