Registration starts: 15th March 2021.
Period: 15th March to 22th April 2021


Registration starts: 13. January 2021.
Period: 13th January to 28th February 2021


Registration starts: 13. January 2021.
Period: 13th January to 28th February 2021


Full year event

It's time to make the Union run!

Europe Run is a free virtual running event aimed at the Continent, that connects, gifts and makes You run. #alltogethernow

What is Europe Run?

We would like to make as many people run as possible, regardless of their age or nationality on the Continent, and reward them with a certificate & a stamp! 🙂

Who are we?

As the organizers of the Semi-Marathon of Tihany, Szigliget, Napfelkelte és Naplemente, we have been coordinating races since 2015. We had an idea about an International Virtual Run and we created it. Simple as that, this is Our story!

Is there any race medal?

The medal is a masterpiece of, to remember this period. If You want one, we'll send it to You!:) #alwaysremember

100% free of charge

Participation is free of charge for everyone! Only a short registration is required.

Is there any rank list, result?

There are no result lists, nor expectations, just move for your own health or for a good cause at a distance chosen by You!:)


During the year we have multiple special occasions (see the list below), however for the overall goal you can run anytime.

All information together

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Race Medal

When the pandemic ends, the first race medal of Europe Run will stay with us as a symbol. 

A special 3-dimensional medal which is the most detailed and greatest piece of artwork of so far!


110 mm


Shell-shaped medal, 3D on both sides


Painted green metal


300 grams




How can You participate?

  • Select Run

    Choose a preferred goal among our events.

  • Registration

    Register to the event and provide how many km do You undertake. There is no minimum, You may run, jog or even walk as long as You want. The key is to move a little! Registration is free of charge!

  • Select a distance and donate your Kilometres

    Select a distance from the list or create your own.

  • Start No.

    Upon registration, You receive a Start No. This is only symbolic, it is not mandatory to print, but if You choose to do so, then others will also see what goal are You running for.

  • Running

    When the time has come, head out to nature! If You don't have the opportunity, the treadmill is also a great alternative. Good luck! 🙂

Stand up for something!

The Europe Run initiative focuses on the greatest mass sport of the Continent, in order to raise attention to the importance of moving, whether it is running, hiking or walking. Furthermore, we are also aware that sport is one of the greatest community creator. So …

Why not raise the attention to an organization or initiative deemed important by You?

At Europe Run, every runner has the option to select an organization, for which You perform in mind, and to whom You would like to express your sympathy or commitment to. You can find these organizations on our website, see how many followers your organization has moved and how many kilometres have been performed for them in total. It’s important that it isn’t a race, here everyone participates out of own determination, there is nothing to account for, no rank lists, no better or worse runner, no organization. The key is equality and unity, represented by the European Union for every citizen.

What does the Goal System mean?

Europe Run is a free social happening, where in addition to the main message of the event (Make Europe Move!), You, as an individual can also raise attention to an organization or initiative deemed important by You. Whatever it is, it should be your goal.

How to create goals?

When applying to the run, You may choose a goal from the existing list or create your own, with description, image, category and website.

Share and make people join your goal!

Every goal can be shared via Facebook or other websites, after successful application.
Stand behind a goal, represent it and be proud to collect supporting members!

What do the beneficiaries get?

Europe Run is free of charge, therefore, we collect no financial or other goods. However, we provide the opportunity to our attendees to raise the attention through a sport to something that is important for them: let it be a dog shelter, running club, foundation or only an idea, eg. "two ice-creams are never enough!'
What is important for You, what's your goal?

Who are the patrons of the event?

Who You might already know?

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